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Costa Brava – Girona

LLORET de mar

sport at costa brava

This city is located 75 km from Barcelona, 40 km from Girona. It  is one of the most popular locations in Costa Brava.

Lloret is great weather conditions allover the year. We can bike and run twelve months a year and we can swim open waters easily from april on.

Facilities, surroundings and hotels make Lloret a perfect destination to practice bike and triathlon all year long.

Cicling in the Costa Brava @Batista & Sans

Cycling at the Costa Brava @Batista & Sans

Coast of Barcelona


sport, Beach and Sun

This city is located 50 km from Barcelona, 50 km from Girona. It is known as the tourist capital of the Costa del Maresme.

Calella is considered a cosmopolitan city with a typical Mediterranean climate, which allows us to practice outdoor sports allover the year.

Since the arrival of Challenge and later Ironman organising both half and full distance Triathlon, Calella has become a Triathlon capital in Europe.

Athletic tracks, Calella

Athletic tracks, Calella

Pyrenees – Girona


Mountains and charming views

The Cerdanya is a natural comarca and historical region of the eastern Pyrenees divided between France and Spain with impressive landscapes.

One of the largest valleys in Europe, with a dry climate and pleasant temperatures that allows us to cycle in excellent conditions throughout most of the year.

La Cerdanya is over 1.000m. This altitude allows high quality training camp. Triathlon and cycling are very much appreciated in the area.

Cicling in the La Creueta Pass. Puigcerdà @David Rueda

Cycling at the La Creueta pass, Puigcerdà. @David Rueda

Service and charm


With high standards

We choose our hotels with an eye on sport practice but caring specially about comfort, charm and service. All our hotels have something special to make your stay more enjoyable.

Our hotels on the coast are all in the four or five-star category. We have very carefully chosen the locations of our hotels, having in mind the practice of sports. But we are also concerned about the comfort of our clients, the quality of the restoration and the charm that a special place with careful details can offer. 

Our selection of coastal and mountain hotels have been chosen after assessing all these points and having found an unbeatable relationship between location, services and price.

Hotel Azure – Lloret de Mar

Hotel Olympic – Lloret de Mar

Hotel Sant Jordi – Calella

Hotel El Prado – Puigcerdà (Cerdanya)